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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The need to have a high resolution thermal detector that is sensitive to small radiation differences to measure accurate and precise temperature differences in the presence of varying ambient conditions.


Safety and Security requires the need for exact, accurate and precise data from infrared radiation to allow for the correct prediction of the chemical make up of the radiating body while in the presence of varying environmental conditions to detect temperature, create images and identify accurately;

  • Detecting gas in moisture environments

  • Environments inside high temperature furnaces

  • Combustion engine environments under the hood

  • Pedestrian detection for autonomous vehicles

  • Water leaks, high pressure leaks

  • Locating a human being in a fire or smoke filled room

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We offer design services and packaging solutions for single element, linear arrays and 2D arrays. 

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T-SAF (T-SMART Software Application Framework) leverages latest developments in Middleware Technologies to deliver a powerful development environment to the customers.

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