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Our Identity and Strategy

Why we do what we do?

Who are we?

We are a company driven by the need to create more value and doing it more efficiently, so that more people can benefit. This driven spirit of our micro-electronic technology team will keep our focus on expanding your experiences of physical well-being. Our solution is fundamentally a microbolometer alternative with various other attributes (spectral selectivity, thermal stability, thermography, spectroscopy, presence detection) that allow the product(s) to compete in all spaces of thermal measurement technologies (pyros, thermopiles, etc).

Thermal imaging is increasingly being used in a myriad of applications, from consumer to industrial and the world is changing towards a more aware society, which requires specific tracking and intelligence. A new frontier is coming in infrared technology and its uses and applications, that is why we have formed T-SMART to be part of the needs for “predictive detections, solutions and analytics”, and in our case that intelligence is thermal detection or “T-SMART Vision”. In our technology we will provide a way to adapt to smart home/smart building and smart industrial applications, by providing a T-SMART vision results with our products to accurately visualize what we detect, thermographically, and scientifically apply new scales of measurements, which we will call our “T-MeasureUp” data results. 

Corporate Overview

The introduction of Infrared (IR) technology has undergone a remarkable transformation over the   last century, as a new frontier is coming in infrared technology. Also, its uses and applications have achieved technological and scientific highlights constituting the technology as an ‘innovation driver', especially in the sensors field.

Imagine the possibilities - A product where the physical performances of sensors and detectors      can be improved such that its capability levels are upgraded in a way that was not possible before. 

T-SMART Pte Ltd was set up in 2019 with the objective of providing novel and superior manufacturing technology to the traditional infrared temperature sensing architecture. This includes an infrared sensor and thermistor, a novel packaging and sensing approach based on new thermopile designed platform, with new signal processing and computing advancement, to give a “High Strength” thermal signal platform, from a single element thermopile sensor to the 2D FPA (Focal Plane Array).


  • Over 100 years in Semiconductor, Photonics, MEMS Sensors experience in Research & Development, Manufacturing, Product Engineering.

  • Strong in Software/Applications, Autonomous Vehicles, and related infrared technology.

Diverse Expertise

  • Expertise in many areas including inertial signal processing, algorithm development, semiconductor packaging.

  • Possess thorough knowledge of photonics light sources and optics.

Employment History

  • National Semiconductor, Ford/Visteon, Avago, Mems Technology, Heimann Sensor, Denselight Semiconductor.

  • Technology and a co-author of the MCM Packaging, Silicon Microphone, MEMS processing and design.


Single Element

  • COVID Buster

  • Integrated Optics

  • Wafer level packaged solution

  • Thermally balance package design

  • Spot size ratio of down to 1:8

  • Market leading sensitivity performance

  • Extreme low noise power

  • RND: Integrated spectral selectivity up to quad color

Application Boards

  • IR Board

    • T-Aware Multi-Sensory board (Jun)

    • Analog amplified output board (Sep)

    • Digital output calibrated board (Aug)

    • IoT Enabled Board (Dec)


  • Thermal core’s package designs optimized for low profile, small affordable packages

  • Out-of-the-box solutions, full wafer-based thermal packaging solutions 

  • Integrated FPA/Packaged technologies (Optical/thermal)

  • Pattern noise free images

Prototype Availability:

Dec 2021

Prototype Package Availability:

Dec 2021

Prototype Availability:

June 2022

Using Mainstream CMOS Process Integration for Functional Integration.


We offer design services and packaging solutions for single element, linear arrays and 2D arrays. 

Get the best performance out of your product.


Our technical expertise will offer innovations of precision assembly techniques with innovative packaging materials and methods.

Our customers will be able to package thermal detection devices with a high level of configurable electronic integration in a SMD package.

iconmonstr-thumb-9-240 (1).png

T-SMART’s packaging designs will offer product capability with industry-leading thermal detection capability. Our unique capability of enhanced packaging techniques will provide temperature measurements with detector capabilities:

  • Single Optical Lens Cavity Enclosure,

  • Scalable Semi Rigid packaging platforms

Applications & Software Frameworks

T-SMART Application Framework (TSAF) is a common software development kit that supports various thermal solutions. It provides the customer with a software development environment that consolidates technologies such as advanced signal processing, AI based automation, cyber security, wireless connectivity, advanced power management, diagnostics, flexible communication interfaces in one common framework.

T-SAF (T-SMART Software Application Framework) leverages latest developments in Middleware Technologies to deliver a powerful development environment to the customers.

Driven By Expertise

The T-SMART team consists of key individuals who have degrees in Electronics, Optoelectronics, Mechanical, Packaging and Industrial & Systems Engineering. They are very qualified individuals in their own field of expertise.


With a good management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships. The company has a worldwide network of manufacturing partners.


The team has combined technical experience in photonics, thermal detectors, thermal modelling, understanding in basic transduction principle. We can lead in developments of the imaging system processing and algorithm development and optimization. 


Find Out More About Us

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