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What We Do

Intelligently Packaged Thermal Systems

Our solutions are fundamentally a Thermal Imaging Alternative with leading capabilities in thermal location detection and recognition, thermal signal analysis, motion and presence detection attributes.


We will accomplish this all by developing new and better methods of spectral selectivity, thermal stability, thermography, spectroscopy, presence detection that allow the product(s) to compete in all spaces of thermal measurement technologies.

Thermal Signal Analysis

Thermal Balanced: “Zero Gradient”

Spectral Selectivity

Thermally Responsive Packaging System

Sensitive Thermal Responses

Presence Detection


Thermal unit of measure

A Smart Packaging Platform That Brings Out The Best Of Our Sensors

We have designed a microbolometer alternative with key enabling attributes of spectral selectivity and thermal stability that allow the product(s) to compete in all spaces of thermal measurement technologies. 


It is a new product solution system that has successfully integrated and achieved a thermally balanced and responsive packaging system, that creates fast response equilibrium between our sensor’s thermal response, the environmental response, and the packaging’s protective environment. 

Essentially an “Intelligently packaged Thermal System” that is unrivalled, uncompromised, to achieved T-Efficiency, T-Effectiveness for higher 

T-Accuracy in an intelligent and useful way. 

Key Features: Current Capabilities

Thermally Balanced Packaged Design

  • Shields sensor from thermal shock

  • Optimizes overall package thermal time constant

  • >15x more stable than typical microbolometer designs

Responsive Packaging System

  • Creates a positive feedback towards environmental  changes

  • Fast tracking time of the lens element temperature

  • Package provides both Insulative and thermal monitoring while providing protective environment

Unique Scalable Packaging Platforms

  • Scalable design that can cater to multi-lens design without compromise of thermal performance

  • A unique packaging approach, allows sensors to operate at its best over a wide operating temperature range

  • T-Efficiency, T-Effectiveness for higher T-Accuracy in a intelligent and useful way

Key Advantages Over Existing Thermopiles

Unmatched Noise Equivalent Power (NEP):

NEP<5pW. Over 3 orders of magnitude better than what is commonly available in market.

Ultrahigh sensitivity level: 

Sensitivity level > 40 x 103 V/W which is about 2 orders of magnitude better than market available thermopiles.

Low current consumption: 

Current consumption ~100μA. At least 1 order of magnitude better than commercially available competition.

The T-SST1 Product

(Note: Patent pending)

Product performances can be improved in such a way, that its capability levels, can be upgraded in a way not possible before.

The T-SST1 Product manages temperature changes, indicates the effectiveness and provides the physical performance required.

  • The result is an improved reduction in pattern noise due to the absence of 1/f noise, 15 - 50 times more thermal stability against ambient temperature changes

  • Full radiometric operation, all without the need of a mechanical shutter.

  • Through the use of our unique packaging design, choice of materials and spectral selective pixel design

  • Our product enables greater affordability, while delivering uncompromised thermal imaging performances.

T-SMART "T-EDGE" Product Line: Trace-Temp1


Not Your Average Temperature Measurement Device. Start Seeing Beyond The Numbers.

T-SMART Trace-Temp1 provides industry-leading accuracy for temperature measurement with its patented software technology.


But don't just take the numbers as they are - Discover the information hidden behind each temperature measurement via the Trace-TempAI app. Learn more about your body, identify fever trends and their characteristics.

Measure, monitor and protect your health with the T-SMART Trace-Temp1 and Trace-TempAI app today.

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Our Motivation

A new frontier is coming in infrared technology and its uses and applications, that is why we formed T-SMART to apply this technology and provide for the needs of “predictive detections, solutions and analytics”. In our case that intelligence is thermal detection or “T-SMART Vision”. “T-SMART Vision” solutions will allow users to be better protected from harm or other undesirable outcomes.

We want to challenge conventional approaches to doing things and make use of enabling technologies to make the way we do things and our lives safer. Thermal imaging is increasingly being used in a myriad of applications, from consumer to industrial and the world is changing towards a more aware society, which requires specific tracking and intelligence. 

Our technologies offer better approaches to adapt to smart buildings, industrial applications, gas detection, consumer safety applications and more, by providing a T-SMART vision results with our products to accurately visualize what we detect: Thermographically, and scientifically apply new scales of measurements, which we will call our “TMeasureUp” data results. Users of “TMeasureUp” will get new insights to applications of their interests and make informed decisions and actions to recognize and control potential hazards and manage risks.


Challenge Conventional Approaches


Use Enabling Technologies To Keep Us Safe


T-SMART: Predictive Detections, Solutions And Analytics

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