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Trace-Temp1 for
Smart Temperature Monitoring

An A.I. inspired, non-contact, infrared temperature monitoring device. A new leading edge design concept that can expand measurement capabilities and extend thermal measurement capabilities, in terms of accuracy and precision.  


See beyond the numbers: Monitoring body temperature and fever trends can save your life

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Industry-leading Accuracy

Accuracy = AI Software + Algorithms + Sensors

Sensor analytics and software algorithms will detect fever characteristics of users, while sensors and proprietary calibration techniques can accurately identify proximity and ambient conditions. Be assured that the temperature reading is accurate (better than ±0.2°C accuracy).

Optimal Distance Guidance

Trace-Temp1 has an in-built sensor to ensure that the device is of optimal distance from the user (max 10cm away) before taking the temperature. The temperature will be taken when the LED indicator turns green.

Ergonomic Design

Slim body with sleek curves. One’s fingers and thumb can grip the device more naturally when holding the device, thus providing a firm yet comfortable grip and effective control over the device during each temperature measurement.

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Single Grip

The Single Grip design only has a single bump to provide extra support between the forefinger and middle finger. The remaining body is smooth to offer the user flexibility in how he/she wants to hold the device.

Recommended for people who like freedom and flexibility.

Secure Grip

Secure Grip earned its name thanks to the four bumps under the device. This functional aesthetics clearly indicate how the fingers should be placed on each dip.

Suitable for people with longer/slimmer fingers.

Posi Grip

This Posi Grip power grip design boasts of a heavier bottom accompanied by a wavy design. The triangular base fits perfectly into the space formed between the fingers and palm when gripping an item.

Best for people who tend to drop things, suitable for bigger hands.


Download Trace-Temp1 Product Brochure


Trace-Temp1 & Trace-TempAI

Together, Trace-Temp1 and Trace-TempAI offer a complete set of tools that measures and monitors body temperature. Temperature measurements will now be more accurate, repeatable and insightful.

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Compatible Across Devices

The Trace-TempAI app is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. It can be run on Android and iOS.

Fever Probability Statistics Tool (FPST)

FPST is a statistical model integrated into the Trace-TempAI app to forecast fever before a temperature threshold is exceeded. This will improve the therapeutic approach to you.

Visual Representation

Trace-TempAI offers various chart formats to express complex data in a simple and clear manner. Compare your temperature trends with different clinical fever patterns with a tap of the button.

These visual representations help you monitor your temperature and wellbeing at a glance.

5 Things to Love About Trace-TempAI

It’s powerful: Algorithms powered by artificial intelligence

The in-built artificial intelligence software is able to handle the huge amount of temperature data stored in the app, analyse it, and provide you with deep insights into your health. It can spot trends, compare to clinical fever patterns and warn you about possible fever.

It’s understandable: Understand complex data at a glance

Looking at individual temperature readings can be confusing. Thus the Trace-TempAI app offers visual representation of temperature trends in different chart formats. You can also filter and sort your data easily to find exactly what you want. Tap to compare your temperature trend with known clinical fever patterns. Grow or shrink the highly interactive charts to control the amount of information shown.

It’s enabling: Connect and care for your network

You can’t always be with your family, colleagues and friends but you can constantly care for them. Trace-TempAI app allows you to add multiple users and create groups to track and monitor their wellbeing as individuals or collectively. Be in the know about their fever patterns and health risks like COVID, ebola.

It’s accessible: Monitor your health wherever you are

Trace-TempAI is compatible across smartphones, tablets and computers so that you can stay connected and be on top of your health throughout the day.

Receive timely updates on the phone when you are up and about; or on your computer when you are working at your desk.

It’s empowering: Take charge of your own health

With personalized guidance and recommendations on next steps, as well as early fever detection warning system, Trace-TempAI app makes it easier for you to take care of your health proactively and seek medical attention before it is too late.


Basic Version

  • Body Temperature Monitoring

  • Ambient Temperature Monitoring 

  • Baseline Body Temperature

  • Individual or Multiple User Profile

  • Fever Trend Alert

  • Fever Notification

  • Fever History Record

Advance Version

  • All the Basic features

  •  Fever Pattern Comparison to known Illness 

  •  Body Temperature Variance Monitoring

  •  Fever Statistical Analysis 

  •  Fever Probability Statistics (Fever Prediction)

  •  Records Entry (Health condition, Suggested actions)

Enterprise Version

  • All the Advance features

  •  Fever Demographic Heatmap

  •  API (Application Programming Interface) for Electronic Health/Medical Recording

  •  Data Management

  •  Data Analytics & Visualization

  •  AI Algorithm

  •  Admin Control

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