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T-Cube (Single Element): T2SDLA Series
Thermopile 2.0 Sensor Die

T2SDLA-004-L | T2SDLA-016-W |

T2SDLA-100-W (patent pending)


The T2SDLA series of MEMS Thermopile 2.0 Sensor dies are designed to be drop-in replacements for existing contactless temperature measurement applications.  With extremely high responsivity, allowing smaller active area with higher signal to noise ratio and improves distance to spot ratio of the existing optics.

Features & Benefits



TO-46 I/O Compatible

Simple drop-in upgrade replacement for existing products

High Responsivity of > 30,000 V/W

Higher sensitivity for better electronics noise immunity

Ultra-low NEP of <10 pW/Hz

Superior performance for weak thermal signals

Integrated Lens Option

Integrated lens with 7.5:1 Distance to Spot Ration for tight FOV applications


Application Areas

A.I. powered app

  • High Performance Non-contact Temperature Guns

Home Control App
  • Smart Homes:
    Climate Control, Presence Detection

  • Simple Upgrade Path for Existing Products

Man taking temperature with Trace-Temp1.png
  • Forehead and Ear Infrared Thermometer

Video Control Board
  • High Signal to Noise Ratio

  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement for Process Control Systems

Naming Convention





Evaluation Boards

Evaluation kits, with T-SMART’s Thermopile 2.0 at its core, allows customer to quickly evaluate the full performance of our sensors or perform quick product prototyping.

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