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T-SMART T-Cube (Pat. Pending) Package – A New Anatomy of Packaging

T-Cube (Pat. Pending) packaged products from T-SMART  will represents a new era of MEMS packaging. Leveraging on the benefits of wafer to wafer bonding process and a choice selection of material stack up. The T-Cube (Pat. Pending) offers a hermetically sealed packaging environment with matched CTE material performance.


The MEMS sensor is sealed in a vacuum or inert gas environment protected by a “Faraday Cage” housing, all done at wafer level. The T-Cube (Pat. Pending) package not only brings about significant improvement in manufacturing and test efficiencies, it further adds to product performance by allowing for operation in harsh environments, protection from EMI pickups and enhanced sensor performance through reduction of surface heat loss.

Patent Pending_edited.jpg

Application Areas

Smart home and smart appliances
HVAC control systems
Intelligent thermostats
Human Body Temp_edited.jpg
Human body temperature measurement

Significant transformation is underway in the importance of Thermal Infrared Detectors

Our Value-Add – Future Development Concepts
Our valued.png
T-Cube Qrt Wafer_edited.png

New Independent Measurement Techniques

New Integrated measurement approach for a thermopile module,  allowing for non-contact thermal measurements of objects, independent of its emissivity. Ideal for measurement of parts where contact-based measurement is not feasible, and specific physical properties of the measurement area is unknown or changing with time.

T-Cube Packaging

T-Cube package is our patent pending packaging approach that will challenge the conventional TO-Can packaging. Our T-Cube package is expected to improve the native responsivity of the thermal sensors by >50%.

Improved Mfg. Cost, and Leading-Edge Manufacturing

Enabling applications where real estate is a major concern, e.g. in wearables or ultraportable mobile device applications.

Our Expertise: Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solution Company – Our Vision

We will  offer both hardware and software solutions to aid customer in speeding up their product development cycles

T-MeasureUp Platform – In Development

Consolidates technologies such as advanced signal processing, AI based automation, cyber security, wireless connectivity, advanced power management, diagnostics, flexible communication interfaces in one common framework.

•Multi-sensory inputs:  Offering multi-dimensional data sets to target object of interest

  • AI engine within our sensor core:  Making sense of the multi-dimensional data with our AI technology to improve prediction and accuracy within an application space.

  • Deep Insights: Going beyond data. Provides deep insights into application space, offering new ways to measure and monitor objects of interest.

T-SMART Analytics – Future (2023)

Enables AI modules developed to be operated at the edge, easing hardware infrastructure requirements.

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