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Welcome to a Novel Experience of Handsfree Temperature Monitoring

T-SMART is introducing a new clip-on accessory named T-Manipulator. It is the unobtrusive, simple and efficient solution to daily temperature monitoring.

Incredibly Convenient Temperature Taking

Take your temperature without lifting a finger. Use this accessory to clip Trace-Temp1 onto your computer, stand, car dashboard, or visor etc. so that your temperature will be continuously taken throughout the day as you do your work.

The Trace-TempAI app needs at least 6 temperature points a day for 1 week (total of 42 points) in order to determine your baseline temperature. You may be reluctant, and think “It’s just too cumbersome. If only there was a way to do it without me being bothered to remember to do it, and yet still be provided with useful health insights.” The T-Manipulator is here to ease your burden.

  • Use this clip-on accessory to secure Trace-Temp1 onto a place of your choice

  • Freely rotate or angle the head so that the device faces you

  • Activate continuous monitoring mode in Trace-Temp1

  • Your temperature will be taken whenever you are in front of the mounted Trace-Temp1.

Improve your physical wellbeing and epitomise the interaction of humans and technology in a positive way with Trace-Temp1 and T-Manipulator. Order your Trace-Temp1 and select T-Manipulator as an add-on when carting out.

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