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T-SMART's Heterogenous Integration

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: T-SMART’s HBTM (Human Body Temperature Measurement and Monitoring System), called the TraceTemp1, is a device designed to measure body temperature for fever detection. It will have all the size utility of a small handheld remote devices, a size that is between your keyless car remote and the smallest high-fidelity stereo remote. Not all temperature monitoring devices are created equal, the difference is what type of temperature detection is used, choose the wrong device, and end up with a system that will fail because it could not detect changes in temperature fast enough or measure and quantify a component of temperature, in terms of the catalyst that drives changes in temperature. In todays pandemic, the argument is that fevers are characterized by elevated temperature in a human being. The challenge is how to distinguish a temperature profile from 1 person to the next, or a low-grade temperature. Temperature measurements will need to be quantified, through units of measure of radiant energy, and displayed through interactive dashboards.

T-SMART is poised to offer enterprise solutions for your thermal sensing and data insights challenges. Our hardware component solutions offer unparalleled performance based on a newly designed thermopile 2.0 sensors. This will provide significant edge in sensitivity levels, allowing for detection of weak signals with a cost-effective product presentation, which will be one of the industry’s 1st seen in about 40 years.

Powering the hardware is the firmware leveraging the dual System-on-Chip (SOC) compute power to process data from on-board sensor suite to intelligently capture the radiant energy in a scene. Our software uses radiometric measurements to accurately measure the sensor’s characteristics. Because a sensor responds to the radiant energy in a scene and not the temperature of a single object, we apply machine learning principles for radiometric parameter estimates that in turn converts radiant energy to an accurate temperature readout. This technique is unique in the industry since the learning algorithm continuously evolves to get to the most accurate temperature measurement from cloud analytics derived from the vast amount of sensor data from every TraceTemp devices that are shipped by T-SMART.

The level of temperature accuracy measurement that we are striving for can only be accomplished by architecting the software to minimize variances from the complete end-to-end measurement system. To accomplish this, we have created a scalable software platform termed, TMeasureUP to provide the necessary software infrastructure to efficiently apply sensor fusion algorithms. This also supports several software features such as diagnostics, cyber security, UI/UX, battery management, privacy data management etc.

A separate calibration capability will exist for variable temperature conditions, with machine learning based algorithm. Our methods in temperature calibration will change the industry view and approach of how much time & temperature variables can be reduced, vs the traditional time taken. Imagine the new possibilities, of a potential industry’s first, to be introduced for environmental thermal sensor-fusion solutions. This new software solution will be flexible, scalable and optimized for low and high temperature performance, addressing the needs of a wide variety of static and dynamic temperature conditions, for human body temperature monitoring.

OUR ENTPERISE PRODUCT APPROACH: Our product designs will enable the best imaginable product performance, for the future of SMART Sensing with Edge compute capability. We want to be sure that customers gain the appropriate Insights from connected devices and use the information at the Intelligent Edge. Now due to the realization and importance of the SMART Digital Age, the TraceTemp1 will have its own App, which will have one of our key important innovations, which is the use of AI to provide insights into monitoring and analysing temperature trends and provide preventive alerts. Our Product addresses the need of how to scale and take a digitally derived measurement, such as temperature and use AI and software algorithms to augment and drive digital health innovations. Now this will not be a simple task, as we have good competition, but we are one of the first pioneers of our kind to utilize the use of multiple sensors, with IOT capabilities, to create a SMART temperature monitoring device. This pandemic situation has created a strong business environment, for development, and is a key draw for innovative companies developing their technology for the benefit of people. One of our goals is to develop, produce and market innovative and unique health management solutions, of measuring and monitoring body temperature.

Here is how we do it: We develop product competencies in the component, software and AI analytics. We use a very holistic approach with clarity about our products and solutions, so customers will see we have a total solution approach for their use case to give real time measurement data. Data and information connectivity will be via BT, NFC or wireless to the cloud. Algorithms will monitor the trends in temperature gradients, ambient temperature variations, and internal device temperature for required error corrections for accuracy purposes. The temperature data will be displayed on dashboard in the app and pushed to 7 different pre-set menus for full graphical temperature representations of either fever trends, or normalized temperature trends of subjects being monitored. When used with the app, the data can be immediately displayed, in conjunction with the device data. Consider this, teachers in schools can use this as a resource tool to map out an entire classroom of students, and maintain hourly surveillance of pre-schoolers, toddlers, primary children during school activities, or on a normal outing. Ergonomically designed for a good grip for easy dexterity to match hand rotations, for a hard to capture moving subject.

IN CLOSING: TSMART will be Introducing, a transformative temperature monitoring solutions for both human body and external object temperature analysis capability. Our technological approach will eventually be able to lead to a game changing, and scalable product, that can quantitatively and qualitatively provide temperature monitoring capability in handheld devices, that will lead into the industry’s first LWIR handheld spectrometer and RF SMART Badge with biometric temperature assistance capabilities for safety and securing scanning.

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