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Trace-Temp1 Improves Self-Care and Independent Living for Elderly

Singapore, April 5, 2021 – A study by Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS) revealed that more single-person elderly households than married couples reported difficulties with issues like self-care and independent living. T-SMART’s latest biometric solutions can help address these difficulties faced by the elderly while also giving the caregivers a peace of mind about the elderly’s health through remote temperature monitoring.

Trace-Temp1 is the latest handheld infrared device developed by T-SMART in March 2021 which works together with Trace-TempAI application to plot and analyse the temperature data collected and alert the user and his network of any possible fever trends immediately.

T-SMART has packaged the sophisticated artificial intelligence and infrared technology into a simple package so that users only need basic understanding of smartphones and smart devices to use Trace-Temp1 and its app effectively.

Trace-Temp1 is a lightweight and compact device with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) to make temperature taking straightforward and accurate. Onboard sensors and AI technology will guide users to the optimal measurement zone, and restrict temperature measurement to this area only, to ensure accurate and repeatable temperature measurements.

The temperature data will be seamlessly transferred to the Trace-TempAI app via Bluetooth. Each temperature measurement will be plotted across time and the AI powered software will automatically compare the user’s temperature trend against known clinical fever patterns for analysis. Family, friends, and acquaintances who are added into the user’s network will be able to monitor each other’s temperature charts and stay notified about potential fever occurrences remotely. The user can then seek medical help in a timely manner.

“Trace-Temp1 was initially developed as an effective and accurate temperature monitoring and fever detection solution during the COVID-19 pandemic for the community to use. However, the benefits are more far-reaching than that as we also see how the elderly can have an independent and healthy lifestyle with Trace-Temp1 and its accompanying Trace-TempAI app,” said a spokesperson from T-SMART.

The study by JCHS in 2018 revealed that there will be 17.5 million households in their 80s and over by 2038, twice that of 2018, and estimated 10.1 million would be single-person households. The survey further showed that approximately 15% and 31% of single-person aged household reported difficulties with self-care and independent living as compared to 13% and 24% of married couples respectively[1].

Trace-Temp1 and Trace-TempAI application creates value for the community regardless of age. The elderly can effectively use these technological devices to enhance their independent lifestyle.

[1]Molinsky, J. (2020, March 10). The number of people living alone in their 80s and 90s is set to soar. Retrieved March 31, 2021, from

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Name: Jayne Ong

Role: Marketing Communications Executive

Company: T-SMART Pte Ltd


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