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This is not our first Rodeo, but Here’s How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives.

A lot has happened at TSMART over the last 18 months, while we have continued our endeavour to provide a new and exciting way to monitor body temperature, with thermal analysis. Our team has been heads to the wall, and heads down working on something different and more specialized. Since the start of our concept back in 2019 and then the eventual start of the company in 2020, we have endeavoured to develop a product that is different in the market and would make a difference in health and safety monitoring of human body temperature monitoring and thermal analysis. We saw an opportunity to be different than the other manufacturers of temperature thermometers. We don’t want to give the perception, that this is just a simple device, that just takes a temperature, nothing could be farther from the truth. Temperature monitoring in a human body is a complex task, and to evolve and rise to the task of providing more accurate and useful information about human body temperature, and the factors that affect human body temperature is more sophisticated than you may realize. “Do you know that the definition of a fever changes with age?”, we do, this is one of the reasons, why we developed the TraceTemp1 device.

We have always strived and challenged ourselves to provide thoughtful technology within our means, the TSMART Team has worked hard to build a product that solves many of the pain points that families face, and now employers may face during this new era in health and wellness. Health and Wellness is about understanding the difference between the two terms. In short, health is a state of being, whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Health refers to physical, mental, and social well-being; wellness aims to enhance well-being. Health and Wellness can affect physical, mental, and social well-being. Now, we don’t offer everything, but we do offer you a means to monitor your journey-in one of life’s most unpleasant performances, such as a Pandemic. Imagine the following, you all are athletes, and every day is a competitive race, now as a vital metric, the core body temperature is a piece of important field knowledge, and the availability of an easy-to-use way of measuring and monitoring your core body temperature, with a cutting-edge monitoring technology, that can deliver good results, every day, for sports driven people invaluable data, to help them work and train and perform at their best.

Note the following: “when the core body temperature rises above a threshold, your performance; i.e (power, working ability, thinking ability, endurance) decreases. As the body heats and diverts more energy to pumping blood to the skin to cool the body, there is less blood powering the muscles and your power output drops, this is a textbook definition. As a holistic approach to athletic training, the core body temperature can reveal insights into the well-being of athletes as well as be used to define and adjust the time periods in which an athlete is able to perform best. Now imagine using this approach now by monitoring your body temperature periodically, with the new TraceTemp App, therefore, monitoring the body temperature with some regularity, is a good method for understanding and enhancing knowledge about our health and wellness.

To say that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the world would be an understatement. In less than a year since the virus emerged — and just over 6 months since tracking began in the United States — it’s upended day-to-day lives across the globe. The pandemic has changed how we work, learn and interact as social distancing guidelines have led to a more virtual existence, both personally and professionally. Many surveys, noted Cleveland Clinic, reveals how the pandemic has changed how people approach their health and health care in ways both positive and negative. A survey was conducted by Ipsos, in the United States, that was given to a nationally representative sample of 1000 American adults 18 years of age & older, living in the U.S. Here’s what the survey found.

Mental health challenges - Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has triggered a wave of mental health issues. Whether it’s managing addiction, depression, social isolation or just the general stress that’s resulted from COVID-19, we’re all feeling it. Many are also feeling overwhelmed by the constant, sometimes shifting and conflicting flow of information around the virus and the pandemic

Pandemic-induced hesitation - While much of the world has come to a stop at times during the pandemic, the need for health care has not. Yet, 38% of respondents said they skipped or delayed preventive health care visits because of the pandemic even though health care providers have gone to great lengths to ensure that keeping those appointments are safe for everyone. Women are more likely to skip these appointments than men, 46% to 29%, and as many as 15% of total respondents avoided visits for more serious issues like injury or even chest pain. This is especially true for children who need to continue their routine immunizations. As pediatrician Skyler Kalady, MD, points out, “We can’t lose sight of other diseases that children will be at high risk for contracting, like measles and pertussis (whooping cough), without those regular vaccinations.”

Staying healthy during the pandemic - But there is good news as far as respondents’ health is concerned. From lifestyle changes to better eating habits, people are using this time to get healthier in many areas. Since the pandemic started, nearly two-thirds of the survey’s participants (62%) say they’ve made a significant lifestyle change, including: Eating and exercise are new areas of focus for many respondents. One-third of the participants (34%) say they’re eating more healthy food and most (a whopping 87%) say they’ll keep the habit up.

Better health awareness -There’s more to healthy living than just exercising and food, though. 68% of respondents said that the pandemic has them paying more attention to certain risk factors for other health issues. Additionally, the pandemic is motivating people to take better care of more serious issues with 41% of respondents who already have a chronic condition saying they’ll now be even more likely to comply with treatment.

Family and the pandemic -Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen both benefits and drawbacks of being cooped up with family for long periods of time. There’s certainly been added stress for families who have had to deal with remote learning situations for school-aged children. Some, though, reported positive experiences with their families in such close quarters.

The Outlook

For a short term, we thank those whom can help us in our Focus Group, and for those whom can answer our survey. With your help, we can improve our product to help develop a compelling product to monitor your health and contribute positively to your state of physical and mental well-being, while wellness is more of a way of life or lifestyle that seeks to maintain the right balance of all health dimensions.

TSMART is looking beyond just measuring temperature to our products, we aim to enable consumers to monitor their own health. Based on body temperature, we can show how temperature links to diseases, even tracking people with diabetes and certain cancers, monitoring body temperature will give an indication of health. We hope that our efforts to introduce the world's first AI integrated body temperature monitoring device to the professional markets in 2022. Your data will be help us refine our algorithm and compare this with medical professionals in the USA and Europe, and possibly with other clinical research institutes and medical advisor boards. With TSMART’s software, and app, we hope to achieve the most competitive accuracy, innovation and durability of our device to be trusted worldwide.

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