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T-SMART is Improving the World One Degree at a Time

Singapore, April 5, 2021 – T-SMART is launching a series of body temperature monitoring products that can enable organisations to improve the work environment for their employees amidst COVID-19. These biometric solutions are integrated with advanced technology to optimise the tracking of body temperature and fever trends so that employees can be socially responsible for their health without adding on to their workload.

Trace-Temp1 and RF-SMART Temperature Badge are the first two products in T-SMART’s pipeline to improve the world’s safety one degree at a time and open economies around the world, all while making sure that people feel cared for. These new software, modules and scanners can assist with biometric identification and body temperature to provide solutions for remote monitoring.

The smart, accurate and compact infrared temperature monitoring device, Trace-Temp1, is a portable solution for people to monitor their temperature on the go. Its bundled Trace-TempAI app automatically plots the temperature on a graph and alerts the user if there is a fever trend. T-SMART has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Trace-Temp1 as part of the company’s marketing strategy.

The RF-SMART Temperature Badge integrates a company’s security door access system and time attendance software with thermal and contact tracing technologies. The Thermopile 2.0 and its interactive screen display differentiate it from a typical company employee ID badge in both aesthetics and functionalities. The RF-SMART Temperature Badge can take the employee’s temperature accurately and show it on the screen all the time. Anyone with a temperature reading of higher than 37.5°C can be flagged to the company’s access control software for the appropriate action as a pre-cautionary measure.

Bryan Patmon, founder of T-SMART, said “Our products were developed to participate in this new normal to make our lives safe, more intuitive, and creative. We hope to help companies embrace the need for a dual track approach to address their business needs and improve their resiliency and agility during this volatile time, using the most creative thermal detection devices and best practices to monitor safety and prevention during a pandemic and help lead the company through a successful transformation and success.”

T-SMART’s focus is on developing solutions and exploring different technologies that are aligned with societal and business priorities such as providing continuity, being resilient and agile during these hard times.

While the pandemic has transformed various business operations, such as digitalisation and remote working, it has also opened new ways in which organisations can care for their employees. Companies should consider ways to create a work environment that is more efficient, safe, and easy to work in while also keeping a human element in mind.

Press Release Contact

Name: Jayne Ong

Role: Marketing Communications Executive

Company: T-SMART Pte Ltd


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