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MoveOn Technologies and T-SMART Head for Their Own style of Heterogenous Integration – T

Singapore, May 27, 2021 - MoveOn Technologies and T-SMART are working towards a greater collaboration and co-development work to show how Heterogeneous Integration can be used towards the new anatomy of MEMS based thermopile packaging. We termed this heterogeneous integration manufacturing concept as our “Hybrid2 Momentum – H2M” approach. It will be a technology by definition, that refers to the integration of separately manufactured components into a higher-level assembly. In our case, MoveOn and T-SMART will endeavour to develop the simple 3D integration of a MEMS device and wafer level optics, coupled with wafer level processing that allows the direct bonding of multiple wafer substrates, creating a true wafer level packaging platform with “on chip IR optics”, thereby allowing for greater flexibility of product and application potentials.

It is a different story today as sensing chips are more highly integrated, and with a fusion of various sensing techniques, they are more sensitive, higher response, faster and more complex. To optimize the performance of these sensors, the industry requires new and better packaging with enabling sensing feedthrough capabilities, as they affect electrical characteristics and uninhibited sensing capability. T-SMART realized that there is more than one way to develop a leading-edge design. While there may be functions of a design that require a higher level of performance with both leading edge and some bleeding-edge technologies, it is all about implementing a total functioning product as a part of a single homogeneous piece of technology. H2M will open up an exceptional improvement in InfraRed Detector manufacturing and produce a high degree of thermal feedthrough simplicity through the potential of on chip optics. T-SMART has teamed up with MoveOn to explore and develop with MoveOn’s expertise and capabilities for advanced engineering in optical components, and establish new integrated wafer level optic capability to couple with thermopile detectors. These will eventually create new design standards for thermal imaging packaging. It is anticipated that the new development activity will provide to thermopile packaging a higher magnitude of improvement in flexibility, stability and sensitivity when thermal measurements are taken and analysed by its thermal intensity.

MoveOn and T-SMART both believe that through the companies’ continuous efforts of technology sharing and advances, a higher level of our H2M approach will occur. In addition, the manufacturing processes will eventually achieve a lower cost of production of the thermal detectors, and provide a matured approach with small feature size and high uniformity to augment what a truly enabling thermopile design can do.

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