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Impacting Disease Prevention to Assist in Disease Detection & Management.

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Impacting Disease Prevention to Assist in Disease Detection & Management. Why would anyone want a body temperature measurement device?

Most of us only take our temperatures when we are worried that we have a fever, as a result of an infection or a cold, for example; body temperature from a Trusted Source can indicate and be influenced by many other factors- lifestyle habits, age and ambient temperature, all can influence how the human body disperses heatheat. Wellness of focuses on those physical attributes that can influence and affect body temperature. We are a new thermopile sensor company, with a non-contact infrared detector, which has enhanced sensor capabilities, to improve fever detection capability of body temperature. We developed a device and software app, with the means to track human body temperature patterns to identify fever trends. We have augmented our sensor knowledge with our AI software analytics to adaptively tune the hyper parameters. Our device is one of the 1st truly connected, smart, analytics based (AI) software of a NCID (non-contact infrared detection) device for accurate human body temperature monitoring in an ultra-portable hand held device.

Why would anyone want a body temperature measurement device? or non-contact infrared thermometer? Well, one answer is, If there is one thing that this pandemic has shown the human race, it is that we are not a race of supermen or “untouchables”. We are a race of skeptics, which must be provided proof, of our fragility, and the pandemic has done that now. More now than ever, in this world, the word “Wellness” of life, is real. We now can provide an evidence-based* lifestyle change monitoring device, that provides you with information about body temperature, and how monitoring your temperature trend, can actually increase your vitality of life.

Immediate Focus:

We now have a product, that can give you the tools and support that can help prevent and treat many chronic diseases and letting you lead a healthier, happier life. How...? Body temperature. Body temperature is also a marker of metabolic health. Historical significance is behind us, there are new studies that explain, how human body temperature indicates metabolic rate, which some have linked with longevity and body size, which is quite a story in itself, because our company story, will be one of the more Dynamic change agents in the story of how a Non-Contact InfraRed device, helps to define wellness. Our targeted approach utilizes TSMART sensors and software solutions that monitor process variables, that can change at any time, under any circumstances. Rise or fall In thermal measurement, can happen at any time, for most monitoring situations. Monitoring body temperature situations that are sensitive to thermal changes, could be a matter of life or death, or a critical maintenance or safety situation. Our NCID device will measure accurately, for information, monitoring, control and measurement purposes for fever trend tracking, fever alert and fever probability.

Our Targeted Approach:

Our vision is to strive for deeper insights from our software algorithms, but as AI and machine learning techniques are getting more accommodated into sensor tracking platforms. We see the spread of dynamic tracking and pro-active data stories which would offer more automated and consumer’s experiences, which will leave behind a positive experience for wellness. We can show how the development of our temperature trending and fever mapping, can be consolidated into simple charts, and analysed from the vast amount of data collected over a person’s condition over time, age, any disease, any unit. Our solution will help care givers to make a differential diagnosis, to help provide comprehensive care and detection for patient deterioration as a proactive surveillance solution. The TraceTempAI is a heuristic product that uses a range of physiological and environmental measures and applies a AI based algorithm that models and transforms each input into a common representation of multivariate inputs, allowing heterogeneous data to be summed, augmenting data fusion. The result can be a continuous measure of a patient condition, or when measured periodically, and eventually integrated into the EMR. Our data can be integrated and computed on a real-time basis across all health conditions, diseases and care settings.

Near Term Commercial Opportunity:

Our NCID devices brings fast, accurate body temperature results using the latest advanced algorithms and software analysis in TraceTemp measurement technology first developed by TSMART. This gives you a true indicator of your inner core temperature and, when monitored over time, can show the impact of any sickness, fitness activity regime or even a weight loss program. Wellness, is what this is all about, finding out exactly what you are made of. Set your goals and use the TraceTemp device to help achieve your optimal wellness levels and improve your health and wellbeing.

Targeted Market Segment:

Our marketing campaign reaches out in the US and UK, and has shown us that SME and large companies are now, adding “Wellness” managers to their staff, to track the health of employee’s. We have added a new dimension to augment the drive for Wellness, hence, improving the quality of life at work. We are only a piece of the puzzle here, but it is clear, for customers with growing discerning needs to better managed wellness, or for discerning customers to be better equipped for marginal wellness. All concerned, are wanting the best in knowing about their temperature related health.

A quality-of-life service company, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, which is a 19.3B Euro company, recently conducted a survey of 4,805 SME leaders in 7 countries and found that investing in initiatives to improve the Quality of Life at work is not only beneficial to employees’ well-being – it is also good for business! we firmly believe that each society’s public service sectors, will remain a prime target for our device, and app for use in schools, public service, long term care institution requiring monitoring of their population. See this for yourself.

Unique Selling Points/Value Proposition:

  • NCID that takes into account of environmental effects to give the most accurate non-contact temperature measurement->accuracy in real world measurements and not just lab-controlled environments. We have provided new and different ways of calibration of the temperature detector, which we believe can be sold as a open source code platform for those customer applications that requires multiple sensor input to increase the temperature accuracy and capability of the thermopile device.

  • Rechargeable -> USB powered. No need to look for batteries when power is low

  • Ultraportable -> Fits snugly into any pocket/purse to carry around easily for everyday use, anywhere, anytime!!!

  • User profiles -> Allows unique tracking ad trending of an individual’s temperature profiles.

  • We use purpose-built AI to customize fever trend predictions based on personalized body temperature patterns. We use this to generate a health index that when combined with other health activities input from TraceTempAI provides a wholesome wellness prediction.

  • Diseases related news at your fingertips -> relevant disease outbreak related news being published to mobile application to keep users updated on potential outbreaks in their area. More importantly We will work with specific partners who have a interest in providing relevant streaming content, for the wellness of life, and we will refer to any media content – live or recorded – delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet, to augment our product awareness. We believe and our ambition is to positively impact all whom meet the Trace Temp device worldwide.

  • “Temperature on the Edge”, the crucial investments in new chip architectures that can be deployed on edge devices are accelerating AI and ML computations and workloads, which reduces reliance on centralized systems that require high bandwidths and compute power. The results will be more personalized user experience and better energy utilization for handheld/wearable devices.

  • “TraceTemp trend analysis”, We use trend analysis software for tracking and monitoring a Temperature Trends and Fever Trends. The technique is event based, which is temperature, and monitor the actual temperature taken along with other sensor inputs for data analysis, to refine the accuracy of temperature taken. The TraceTemp method involves the comparison of data to identify patterns or trends in the temperature taken. A resulting trend is shown and compared. With this method we can create probability index to help indicate the wellness of the individual.

Avenues for Growth:

  • Mobile application platform can be scaled for other health parameter analysis à The software has the potential to be marketed for other vital sign tracking companies, who do not have a software app that provides the information we do. Our software can be customized to specific vital sign to promote vital sign trend awareness. Interested parties could be; Vital Sign Component OEM’s, Medical monitoring equipment, EMR companies whom need a proactive software for tracking specific vital signs. TSmart will partner with other companies, whom have the objective of wellness tracking of individuals in the workplace, or at home, physiotherapist, caretakers, Hospice.

  • Temperature calibration software is a procedural foundation that is applicable to temperature measurement devices. Customer who do not have the necessary software for temperature calibration, can solicit TSMART for software development in this area of measurement. Our test measurement software, has an open-source option, for companies whom lack the development capability or want to customer their own use cases for temperature measurements

  • Modules of firmware and software developed for TraceTemp are applicable to future OEM products and application board products. This firmware/software add value to the hardware counterparts, increasing their value proposition to customer by at least 100%. Modules within firmware developed will help to speed up future OEM product developments based on similar platforms.

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