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How Thermal measurement will shape the world.

A lot has happened at T-SMART over the last 18 months. We have continued our endeavour to provide a new and exciting way to measure and monitor body temperature. Our team has been heads to the wall, and heads down working on something different and more specialized. Since the start of our concept back in 2019 and then the eventual start of the company in 2020, we have innovated in the areas of thermal measurement to develop a product that would make a difference in health and safety monitoring of human body temperature. We saw an opportunity to radically change the status quo of thermal packaging to drastically improve the inherent thermal measurement technique. We leveraged the emerging technologies in product/process development together with firmware/software integration to leapfrog the other manufacturers of temperature thermometers. We don’t want to give the perception, that this is just a simple device, that just takes a temperature, nothing could be farther from the truth. Temperature monitoring in a human body is a complex task, and to evolve and rise to the task of providing more accurate and useful information about human body temperature, and the factors that affect human body temperature is more sophisticated than you may realize.

A new Era is upon us: We now have a product, that can give you the tools and support that can help prevent and treat many chronic diseases and letting you lead a healthier, happier life. How...? Body temperature. Body temperature is also a marker of metabolic health. Historical significance is behind us, there are new studies that explain, how human body temperature indicates metabolic rate, which some have linked with longevity and body size, which is quite a story in itself, because our company story, will be one of the more Dynamic change agents in the story of how a Non-Contact InfraRed device, helps to define wellness. Our targeted approach utilizes TSMART sensors and software solutions that monitor process variables, that can change at any time, under any circumstances. Rise or fall In thermal measurement, can happen at any time, for most monitoring situations. Monitoring body temperature situations that are sensitive to thermal changes, could be a matter of life or death, or a critical maintenance or safety situation. Our NCID device will measure accurately, for information, monitoring, control and measurement purposes for fever trend tracking, fever alert and fever probability.

Enterprise Solutions – Integrating Multiple Functionality: The Trace-TempAI is a heuristic product that uses a range of physiological and environmental sensor measurements and applies a AI based algorithm that models and transforms each input into a common representation of multivariate inputs, allowing a heterogeneous data set to be summed by data fusion. The result can be a continuous measure of a patient condition, or when measured periodically, be eventually integrated into a hospital EMR (Electronic Medical Records) data. Our data can be integrated and computed on a real-time basis across key health conditions, diseases, and care settings.

Come and experience our 1st phase of providing a faster, more efficient system for improving the health and wellness for temperature monitoring. As the time patients spend in healthcare facilities increases healthcare costs and reduce patient comfort. We are promoting a new value-based health and wellness tool, to managing health and wellness vs managing sickness. See our solution towards being a IOT enabled and connected device, that monitors a key vital sign, and tracks and tabulates data quickly, and aggregates and compares current and past data for key data which is designed to monitor changes in one’s health. Our product correlates symptomatic data with machine learning models. These features will be built into IoT handheld devices. Health providers can compare data passed along and eventually compare with large clusters of user data, to help pinpoint any early signs of sickness. Additionally, with the with the use of remote telehealth technology, wellness can be determined for individuals much quicker, and help reduce costs.

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