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Amanda Series 1 - Enjoy 20% Off with Super Early Bird Discount

Definitive core body temperature measurement accuracy through the convolution of machine learning (ML), AI algorithms, and T-Aware Sensory system. The Amanda Series 1 is a smart temperature monitoring device developed by T-SMART from ground-up with class-leading measurement accuracy of better than 0.2°C.

The T-SMART’s Amanda Series 1 addresses the common inaccuracies that have plagued industry NCID thermometers: Accuracy, Repeatability and Calibration. T-SMART's T-Aware sensing system tracks changes in ambient temperature, environmental conditions, and distance positions, and calibrates for changes in these external factors.

The accompanying AI-powered TraceTemp app further adds to the value of temperature monitoring for the users. Apart from the typical temperature historical trends, TraceTemp is also capable of mapping temperature trends to known fever patterns, potentially allowing for early detection of illnesses and its possible prevention.

T-SMART will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for Amanda Series 1 from 22 February to 23 April 2021 on Indiegogo.

From now till 21 February, pre-register your interest to secure a SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (20% off):

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