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T-SMART is Improving the World One Degree at a Time

Welcome to TSMART and our “One Degree @ A Time”, consciousness page, come on in and share our experience. How thermal sensing will shape the world, not a topic that comes out on your top 10 things to do today, and it stands on equal footing of, why would anyone want a body temperature measurement device? or non-contact infrared thermometer? Well, one answer is, If there is one thing that this pandemic has shown the human race, it is that we are not a race of supermen or “untouchables”. We are a race of skeptics, which must be provided proof of our fragility, and the pandemic has done just that. Now more than ever, in this world, has the word “Wellness” of life, has been so real.


It is no different than having good actionable data, and information to close the gap towards playing a pivotable role in the next industrial revolution of sensing technology, capabilities and devices. We developed the “One degree @ a time” slogan, as an analogy for our team to enable better technology solutions from the ground up. To stay really connected to data and information that really matters when integrating new sensor technology solutions w/ AI, as a new sensor company initiative. Today’s technical engagements are confronting a new initiative, which is being able to provide new product solutions that matters, and to achieve a viable commercial strategy.


We will strive to have a smart product platform that brings out the best in our sensors, which will excel in their basic fundamental features, lead in advanced ones, and offer full feature capabilities. Innovation will be our key driving spirit of our development and technology, we will keep it real, and keep our focus on expanding customer experiences. A colleague told me once, “A Good Team, Keeps the Dream”, that makes good sense. At TSMART we are a company driven by the need to create more value and doing it more efficiently, so that more people can benefit. With the new TSMART TraceTemp device and app, we believe our product can help drive the vitality of a positive health attitude, and promote wellness monitoring with a positive human spirit, that will pave the way for the next generation of ideals. One of our goal is to provide the tools for a evidence-based* lifestyle, with a change monitoring device, that provides information about body temperature, and how monitoring your temperature trend, can actually increase your vitality of life, in the past, it was not everyday you hear of the wellness of life. Good actionable insights, for a good physical well-being.

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