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Impacting Disease Prevention to Assist in Disease Detection & Management.



COVID-19 & Importance of Fever Detection: A T-SMART Perspective



Rethinking The Way We Live Post COVID-19


Abstract 1

Impacting Disease Prevention to Assist in Disease Detection and Management

Most of us only take our temperatures when we are worried that we have a fever, as a result of an infection or a cold, for example; body temperature from a Trusted Source can indicate and be influenced by many other factors- lifestyle habits, age and ambient temperature, all can influence how the human body disperses heat. Wellness of focuses on those physical attributes that can influence and affect body temperature. We are a new thermopile sensor company, with a non-contact infrared detector, which has enhanced sensor capabilities, to improve fever detection capability of body temperature. We developed a device and software app, with the means to track human body temperature patterns to identify fever trends. We have augmented our sensor knowledge with our AI software analytics to adaptively tune the hyper parameters. Our device is one of the 1st truly connected, smart, analytics based (AI) software of a NCID (non-contact infrared detection) device for accurate human body temperature monitoring in an ultra-portable hand held device.

Key Points:

  1. Disease Prevention

  2. Disease Detection

  3. Fever Detection with T-SMART: NCID Temperature Monitoring Product

abstract 2

COVID-19 & Importance of Fever Detection: A T-SMART Perspective

COVID-19 is a global pandemic which has claimed over 480,000 deaths worldwide

and brought about negative social and economic impacts. As emotional contagion grips the nations and challenges modern humanity, values and rationality, let’s talk about ways for containment of the virus. There is always a set of knowhow to understand the spread of serious diseases as well as actions you can easily take to protect yourself, your family, and your community: Detection, Containment, and Prevention.


The challenges that come with fever detection can be addressed with T-SMART capabilities. Read the article to find out more about fever detection, learn about different temperature checkers, such as contact thermometer and non contact infrared thermometer (NCIR), and how the IR temperature sensor in an infrared thermometer works.

T-SMART will be introducing a line of NCIR products to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we characterize these products as the “COVID Busters”. Download the free article and find out more about our upcoming products.

Key Points:

  1. Overview of COVID-19

  2. Detection

  3. Fever Detection with T-SMART: NCIR Temperature Monitoring Products

  4. T-SMART Focuses Beyond Technical Specifications, Price and Availability

abstract 3

Rethinking The Way We Live Post COVID-19

Learning from past pandemics, such as SARS in 2003 and H1N1 in 2009, COVID-19

will probably not be the last infectious virus that we will see. As we look forward to life post COVID-19, there are some questions that we need to ponder upon:

  1. What can be done to control, and hopefully avoid, similar catastrophes from happening?

  2. What does normal mean now?

  3. Is there a “new normal” that we need to be prepared for?

The answer to the last question is plainly yes, and part of the new normal involves temperature screening and fever detection. Many businesses have turned to IR cameras for mass screening of body temperature. While such thermal cameras are undeniably a quick, inexpensive, noninvasive way of surveying large groups of people and, at the least, flagging those with a higher probability of being infected for follow-up questioning, there are a few things to look out for when using thermal cameras for fever detection. Download the free article to find out more about infrared imaging as a tool for fever detection and T-Smart's plan to be part of the solution for COVID-19.

Key Points:

  1. The Catastrophe

  2. The New Normal: Temperature Screening - Fever Detection

  3. What You Need to Know About IR Imaging as a Tool for Fever Detection

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