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Trace-TempAI App

Provide a visual representation of the rise and fall of the user's body temperature measurement taken over time à Indicative of the person’s well-being.

Express complex data in a simple format and understand data quickly and gain clarity.

Fever Probability Statistics Tool (FPST) can forecast fever before a temperature threshold is exceeded. (available for Advance & Enterprise)

Keep track of temperature trends (that may turn into a fever trend) and give the user adequate warning and indications of the potential illness.

Trace-Temp1 works with Trace-TempAI app to make temperature monitoring simpler and more insightful.

This app has A.I. powered algorithms to analyse the complex temperature data and provide simple-to-understand health information for the user. Other than monitoring their health whenever they are, they can also monitor their family's and friends' temperature.

The app is compatible across mobile, tablet and PC.

Take charge of your health with Trace-TempAI app.

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