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How We Do It


We use an exclusively developed product that provides higher magnitudes of improvement in stability and sensitivity when measurements are taken and analyzed by its thermal power or thermal intensity (heat flow rate), as measured against outside ambient temperature difference. 


The use of managing temperature changes indicates the effectiveness and provides the physical performance required.


Through the use of our unique packaging design, choice of materials and spectral selective pixel design, our product enables greater affordability, while delivering uncompromised thermal imaging and sensing performances.


Product performances can be improved in such a way, that its capability levels, can be upgraded in a way not possible before. The result is an improved reduction in pattern noise due to the absence of 1/f noise, 15 - 50 times more thermal stability against ambient temperature changes and full radiometric operation, all without the need of a mechanical shutter.



Designs having a higher magnitude capability of measuring thermal intensity

  • Stability

  • Sensitivity

Improving thermal imaging and sensing  performances

  • Spectrally selective pixel designs

  • 15-50X  > thermal stability

Managing temperature changes

  • Greater measurement capability

  • Higher resolution capability

T-Merger: Where Application and Technology Meet

Single Element

2D - Thermopile Arrays

Camera Module

Spectroscopic Engine

Linear Arrays

TTMD: Thermal Test  Measurement & Detector Core

Thermal Sensing Modules

Dual Field of View (DFOV)

(under development)

Multi Band

(under development)

TIR Spectroscopy: Thermal Imager/Spectral Detector for Hand Held Devices

Non Contact Thermal Measurement: Human Body Temperature Measurement, Industrial/Commercial Temperature Measurement

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