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The Basic’s Thermopile 1.0

Thermopile 1.0 is T-SMART’s entry into the thermal sensing market, offering compatible performance to typical current market norms, but with clear price competitiveness.

Thermopile 1.0 in the TO46 Package – Believability in our Option
We Know the Background of Thermal IR Sensors

Thermal IR sensors absorb IR radiation and converts into thermal energy that consequently increases the temperature of temperature sensitive elements:


  • Bolometers – Temperature change induce a proportionate change in the resistance

  • Pyroelectric Sensors – Temperature change is measured through the charge accumulation

  • Thermoelectric Sensors (Thermopiles) – Temperature change induce a proportionate change in the sensor potential

Advantages of Thermopile:

  • Linear response

  • Absence of 1/f noise

  • Insensitivity to ambient temperatures

Existing Product

Conventional TO-46 Style Can – Thermopile Sensor

High precision temperature reference for accurate temperature measurement

Suitable for most generic non-contact temperature measurement applications avoiding atmospheric absorption of IR radiation Internally contained to the package for accurate temperature correlation to the temperature sensor.

  • Unique thermal sensing solutions

  • Enabling your low power thermal applications

  • Providing a Thermal Analytics dimension to your applications

Current Product Development

TCube Single Element: Market leading responsivity for your low power applications. Imagine improving responsivity by 50% for your applications

Trace-Temp1: is the first temperature monitoring device with Integrated Infrared Technology and Artificial Intelligence. The Trace-Temp hand held device is offered with the Trace-TempAI app. Together they offer a complete set of tools that measures and monitors body temperature. Temperature measurements will now be more accurate, repeatable and insightful.

RFID SMART Badge: Access control and temperature monitoring rolled into one. Providing peace of mind for opening up your offices in this pandemic/endemic

TO-46 Package Specification
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