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Founders, Executives and Key Staff 


Founder 1: Bryan Keith Patmon (CEO & Managing Director)
An Epiphany Enthusiast, who has 30 years in executive positions spanning the semiconductor industry. Strong emphasis in  Thermal Detection, MEMS, Photonics & Optics, with various responsibilities of Managing Director, Director of manufacturing, product engineering, test and product development. Development experiences includes Infrared product designs, packaging of thermal detectors. Expanding both market presence, visibility with a mandate for new product development technology. Expertise includes product creation, sales creation, marketing, customer development and product applications for technology companies. He specializes at building the anatomy of manufacturing business operations ,operational management, marketing.

Bryan is an executive with demonstrated responsibility and success in P&L management. He has  international operational experience, R&D, product development, and business development experience. Leadership and direction includes start- ups, and turnarounds. A results and efforts driven facilitator, a leader who can target issues, identify solutions and leads organization to success. Experienced in streamlining operations, implementing continuous improvement strategies and creating top effort driven performers.

Founder 2: Foh Ming Cherng (Shareholder)

Technology and Science Enthusiast, Co-founder of Sino Straight, who participates in seed funding or angel investments in small startups, focusing mostly in the technology sector. Foh Ming Cherng feels fortunate for his involvement in technology development during these exciting times, having personally accumulated over 25 years of experience in the R&D and manufacturing of electronic components, especially sensors. What motivates him every day is the ongoing journey with new opportunities and partnerships. He enjoys building companies, launching start-ups and working with really talented people from all different industries and walks of life. Foh Ming Cherng likes the learning process and the fun with building something worthwhile. 

Founder 3: Tan Wei Kiong (Chief Technology Officer)

Graduated from University of Glasgow in EEE with the prestigious IEE award and subsequently obtaining a doctorate, Dr Tan is a seasoned tech professional turned technopreneur. Over a decade of experience specializing in III-V light sources operating in the NIR range. Led and managed engineering and manufacturing teams for the development and manufacturing of super luminescent light sources and narrow linewidth lasers that are used by customer that required tight specifications in applications including distributed sensing, interferometric measurements, and optical gyroscope. Co-founded tech company with customers of varying sizes including MNC and played a vital role in the inception of Singapore’s first hybrid vessel. Dr Tan brings with him, his diverse experience with semiconductor product processes and development and the new frontier of information data science. Advocate of Thermopile 2.0, a next generation thermopile with 2 orders magnitude performance improvement of current thermopile technology. Co-inventor of Large Area Array Packaging (LAAP) Platform, a patent pending, new anatomy of packaging based on true wafer scale packaging, improving manufacturing and testing efficiencies.

Founder 4: Srini Naidu (Sr. VP, Software Development)

Experienced and results-oriented leader with demonstrated proficiency in Autonomous Driving, Engineering, Innovation, Strategy & Business development.

  • Experienced Autonomous driving technology Lead

  • Developing video platform to efficiently implement deep learning methods

  • Co-Founder of a MEMS Sensor company and took it public in 3 years.

  • CEO of a software product development company.

  • Program Manager at Ford Motor Company and successfully secured a design win and launched a $25M  program in sensors.


Specialties: Technology development, Product Engineering/Systems development/Software, Sensor design/diagnostics/prognostics, ADAS, IoT, V2x.

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