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"High Strength": Processing

T-SAF (T-SMART Software Application Framework) leverages latest developments in Middleware Technologies to deliver a powerful development environment to the customers.

Our Software Development Strategy

Application Design

  • Commonizing Middlewear

  • Managing aggregate data

  • Development of algorithms

  • Integrating signal processing techniques

  • Providing dynamic calibration


  • Leveraging middleware technology

  • Utilizing existing platforms for the  IT industry: messaging protocols, JSON output.


  • Ethernet RS232

  • Digital Outputs and formats

  • Mod Bus


A Rich Integrated Development Environment To The Customer

  • Support for advanced signal processing

  • AI based automation

  • Cyber security

  • Advanced connectivity technologies

  • Advanced power management

  • Diagnostics


Provides customers the ability to create their own custom application.

AI Fusion w/IoT

Availability of pre-trained models along with the power of middleware allows fusion of varied datasets to derive application specific scenario detections.

Thermal Analysis and Reporting Software

Software that is specifically designed for thermal applications. This is a narrow use case that does not scale.

Advanced Algorithm Support

Support of advanced computer vision algorithms and signal processing methodologies allows for better post processing performance.


Software constructs created to abstract out the complexities of dealing with varied data sets (i.e Thermal/Acoustics data), so that the customers can combine their data sets for decision support.

T-SAF is built on such a middleware.


IoT devices with their varied outputs can be fused with several T-SMART’s devices because of the middleware architecture.

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