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"We make thermal detection a new cognitive solution"

Thermal Detector Manufacturing Philosophy


  • What can thermopiles with responsivity of greater than 25,000V/W do for your existing applications?

    • Signal detection for low intensity signals,

    • Low contrast signal comparison,

    • Improves overall system resolution. 

  • Have you been searching for a thermopile that can allow you to achieve extremely narrow FOV of 5 degree and less, without resorting to redesigns of your whole optics?

    • Enabling the benefits: Wafer Level Lens (WLL) integration on chip allowing for (NFOV),

    • Extreme Narrow Field of View to benefit specific product applications,

    • Extending the reach of potential applications.

  • Thermopile 2.0 Enhancement of Distance to Spot Size Ratio

    • The target spot area increases with distance.

    • The smaller detector area enables longer distance to measure the same target spot area.


  • T-SMART is deeply ingrained in the belief that the future of MEMS is packaging

  • A new product anatomy, that has focused on the dedicated study of how the packaging of a thermopile and its internal workings can be, is fully exploited in T-SMART’s proprietary packaging format called “T-Cube”.


  • Thermopile 2.0: Next Generation High Responsivity Infrared Detector

  • ​Efficient Conversion of thermal energy into electrical potential difference offering Unique Capabilities to Capture Heat Radiation as voltage from objects.

  • Revolutionary packaging approach that improves Thermal Stability, Thermal Response and Increases Manufacturing Efficiency.

  • Total product solution including our T-SMART Software Architecture Framework that leverages on IoT, AI and Autonomous Technologies, reducing customer development cycles and speeding time to market.

Why Features-Advantages-Benefits (FAB) Matters to T-SMART?





T-SMART will deliver both innovative technology solutions and AI-based software leadership in calibration and test. We give diligent attention to customer and application needs. To achieve our purpose, we developed new methods of detector design merged with packaging and test for spectral selectivity, thermal stability, thermography, spectroscopy, and smart presence detection. Those enablers will allow the product(s) to compete in the growth areas of thermal measurement technologies.  We expect to earn industry recognition by becoming a supplier of choice in advanced thermopile technology and product solutions for high performance thermal and imaging solutions. Our commitment is to innovate and achieve success with our partners, as well as to provide the foundation for our unique products, designs and applications for long-term success.


The three aspects are linear: Our product features provide advantages over the competing products, leading to unique benefits for the end users. These benefits are how we provide value to our customers. We believe that all 3 items are important to build a successful business.

Our first priority is ensuring that the value created does evoke the right emotional response. Thus we work with customers to determine what the value is to be and then build the features that will ultimately deliver that value.

We believe in how value influences the decision process. We have the highest regard for communication and finding out exactly what pain your product is solving. We will focus on highlighting the value of our product to the customers and industry.


Our Mission

Our Vision

Making thermal detection a new cognitive solution.

We take thermal detection technology to an elevated level, using sensing integration algorithms, for a cognitive understanding through thoughts, experience and senses. 

We are a company driven by the need to create value, and do it more creatively and intuitively, so that users of our product can be inspired to develop new applications, new motivations in technology, and help manage solutions of new ideals that have not been realized before. 


Our driven spirit and experience from our micro-electronic technology backgrounds will keep our focus on expanding experiences of our physical products well-being. 

PC with Trace-Temp1.png


Accurate Temperature & Fever Detection Device

Trace-Temp1 uses artificial intelligence to take the user’s temperature and process the information so that he/she can get accurate and comprehensive insights about his/her health. This highly interactive temperature monitoring device combines thermal detection with smart algorithms to provide intelligent temperature sensor interaction for tracking fever patterns. 


Users can also use the Trace-TempAI app to keep track of their family and friends’ temperature and health no matter where they are.


Trace-TempAI App

A.I. powered app

Trace-Temp1 works with Trace-TempAI app make temperature monitoring simpler and more insightful.

This app has A.I. powered algorithms to analyse the complex temperature data and provide simple-to-understand health information for the user. Other than monitoring their health whenever they are, they can also monitor their family's and friends' temperature.

The app is compatible across mobile, tablet and PC.

Take charge of your health with Trace-TempAI app.


T-Cube (Single Element)

The T2SDLA series of MEMS Thermopile 2.0 Sensor dies are designed to be drop-in replacements for existing contactless temperature measurement applications.  With extremely high responsivity, allowing smaller active area with higher signal to noise ratio and improves distance to spot ratio of the existing optics.


Thermal Detector Packaging Philosophy

T-SMART is deeply ingrained in the belief that the future of MEMS is packaging

A new product anatomy, that has focused on the dedicated study of how the packaging of a thermopile and its internal workings can be is fully exploited in T-SMART’s proprietary packaging format, called the “T-Cube”.


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